An Airline Attacks Filth on its Planes

An airline has declared war on dirt and other not so healthy things you might find on a plane.

Put it this way: reaching into the seatback pocket on an airline is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.  That includes chocolate, gum or the Arby's wrapper from the passenger before you.

With the airlines flying on razor-thin profit margins, passengers have noticed a lot of planes are filthy buses with wings.  But at least one carrier has decided to clean up its act.

United Airlines is now flying their friendly skies in cleaner planes. 

The airline is now steam-cleaning as many as eight wide bodied jets a night and a deep cleaning every two weeks.

Planes are mopped down from floor to ceiling.

Seats are lifted and inspected for grime.  Tray tables are cleaned and windows washed.


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On domestic quick turn around flights, more cleaners speed up the job.

The airline has begun this new program recently with the hope it will result in happier passengers who will remember that the airline runs a clean machine.

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