An Ocean Ballet Inside the Aquarium

Human interaction with H2O is a theme of the Long Beach evening.

Long Beach Ballet

Video of fishes and classical music have been tied together since the invention of classical music, practically. (Fishes, of course, came a little bit before that date, give or take many, many millenia.)

It's a natural pairing, is what we're getting at. Picture a documentary where jelly fishes diaphanously float about, their frilly tails twirling to a violin piece.

Think of it as a water-bound ballet, really. Then think how an actual ballet performing a piece dedicated to ideas about the ocean and humanity's ties to it isn't too far from this particular nexus, where culture, movement, and the denizens of the sea connect.

The Long Beach Ballet will leap into the Aquarium of the Pacific's Great Hall on Friday, Nov. 15 and Saturday, Nov. 16 for "Guardians," a ballet all about people, the ocean, and how we interrelate.

The "formation of the universe and Earth" as well as a voyage through time are part of the show, a production that keeps a strong and stirring focus on humanity's role as "guardians" of our ocean and all of its denizens. "(O)ver-consumption of resources" is one focus, as well as the necessity to live well with our planet's waters.

Call it a meaningful message delivered with a bit of mystery. Oh, and looking on, as well, or at least serving as another presence in the Great Hall? Many of the aquarium's watery residents.

Is this the first ballet you'll watch alongside a shark and a few crustaceans? 

Tickets are $25-$35.

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