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Free Rides: City of Anaheim Unveils App-Based Electric Vehicle System Called FRAN

Riders can request a free FRAN ride while in Anaheim’s Center City area.

Need a free ride around the neighborhood? FRAN's got you covered.

Visitors to Anaheim's Center City area can now request free rides via the Center City app. It's an app-based electric vehicle system similar to other ride-hailing services.

The city of Anaheim and Anaheim Resort Transportation unveiled FRAN's 10 Polaris GEM e6 vehicles on Thursday. Each car accommodates a driver and five passengers. 

Once a driver is summoned, an electric vehicle will pick up the rider at the designated pick-up location and drop them off at the Center City restaurant, shop or hangout of their choice.

The free rides are available generally between 11 a.m. to 10 p.m./midnight, seven days a week. 

FRAN, which is an acronym for Free Ride Around (the) Neighborhood, was inspired by Francisca Avila Rimpau. The city describes Rimpau as a "Mother of Anaheim." The 10 FRAN vehicles are branded with an illustration of Rimpau, and each of the vehicles are named after 10 of her daughters and granddaughters.

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