Anaheim Police Seize Assault Weapons in Gun Buy Back Program

The Anaheim Police Department hosted a gun buy back program Saturday where gun owners received $100 gift cards, no questions asked, in exchange for weapons.

In all, 676 firearms were collected. 

Sergeant Ryan Blackburn of the Anaheim Police Department was surprised to see among the guns collected, some bore a chilling resemblance to the weapons used in the Dallas, Orlando and San Bernardino shootings.

Anaheim Police held the no-questions-asked gun buy-back in La Palma Park on Saturday.

"Anytime we see a situation like this, it really weighs on us. We think about our brothers and sisters who are out there everyday, guns like this are used to hurt and kill others," Blackburn said of the recent Dallas shooting.

Gun owners, legal or otherwise, lined up for blocks to trade in their weapons for $100 gift cards per firearm for Kohl's, Target or Walmart.

"When the community and police work together, great things are accomplished," Anaheim police Chief Raul Quezada said.

The guns were marked for destruction.

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