Ancient Remains Found at Construction Site

Remains of What are Believed to be Native Americans who Lived Over 300 Years Ago Have Been Found at a Construction Site in Downtown Los Angeles. Current Tribe Members Don't Want the Remains Moved, but Their Future Resting Place is Yet to be Determined

Indian Dig

At the corner of Arcadia and Spring streets in Downtown Los Angeles construction on a new Mexican cultural center ground to a halt when human remains were found at the site.

It is believed that the remains are of Native Americans who lived in the region over 300 years ago.

The Gabrielino band of Mission Indians of San Gabriel, lays claim to the site, stating it is the location of an ancient indian village, established there long before Los Angeles even existed.

A spokesperson for the group said they are frustrated, because they only received word of the find on Tuesday, and they say the current property owners are keeping them away from the remains.

"We are mad that our ancestors on this day are being desecrated. Taken out of their ancient burials, and placed in a trailer," states Andrew Salas, Tribal Chair Person for the Gabrielino Band of Mission Indians of San Gabriel.

The tribe want's the remains to stay exactly where they are, and they say it's sad to build a center to celebrate one culture, by destroying another.

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