Fight Against Global Warming Gets Hot

Sofia Pernas, also known as the Angry Green Girl, describes herself as "hot, green and shameless." Today, she launched a new social networking Web site with the same tag line.

"Our whole motto is provocative with a purpose," said Pernas, a 20-year-old actress who lives in Los Angeles. "We're females exploiting what we've got to grab any sort of attention."

The goal is to use a little flesh to bring attention to a good cause -- eco-friendly products. As part of the launch, bikini models provided car washes Tuesday morning in Hollywood. There was a catch -- you had to be driving a hybrid or electric vehicle.

"What better way to induce people to come than girls in bikinis washing their cars?" Pernas said.

The Web site launched Tuesday with a banner across the top that describes its creators as "Hot, Green and Shameless." The site contains information on the environment but doubles as a social-netorking site, so users can meet like-minded people. It features green products with instructions on how to use them.

The instructions come in a series of webisodes that contain information, and plenty of skin and attitude. Just make sure you're listening, because the Angry Green Girl doesn't waste energy, water or time.

"I'm infuriated at how people are treating the environment," Pernas said.

In one of her launch-day videos, Pernas explains the importance of unplugging your cell phone charger from the wall and selecting an EnergyStar appliance. She does so in a short red dress and thigh-high boots. "Can't Get Laid Guy," a recurring character in the webisodes, holds a mirror.

"This is all in the spirit of fun," she said.

The site also has discussions on green issues, news and a blog.

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