Are Billboards in West Hollywood Too Graphic for Children?

Billboards Galore Line the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, but Should Their Content be Regulated Given that the City is Home to Many Families with Young Children?

With every passing season the boundaries of taste in advertising are pushed further as the clothes are pushed lower.

While some billboards are eye catching, the question becomes, where is the line?

Have we crossed it, or are we just erasing it?

And do billboards have a different responsibility than TV or magazines?

Some parents in West Hollywood say yes, because they can't control what pops up along the streets, that their kids, will no doubt, see.

And given that West Hollywood's demographic has changed dramatically in recent years and now includes increasing numbers of families with young children, West Hollywood comments, some wonder if it is time to begin a debate about these images.

Should they be so readily visible to all?

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