Are You on the Layoff List?

Check to see if your company is planning a layoff

With layoffs looming for a lot of workers in the Southland, many of you are asking: Am I on the list to be laid off?

Companies are required by state and federal law to alert workers, local and state officials 60 days in advance of any layoffs involving 75 employees or more.

The list posted online Wednesday indicates American Airlines will lay off 51 employees in Los Angeles by Jan. 30. Gregg Industries in El Monte expected to lay off 81 employees by Feb. 11.

The California Employment Development Department posts the notices on its Web site, stating, "Advance notice provides employees and their families some transition time to adjust to the prospective loss of employment, to seek and obtain alternative jobs and, if necessary, to enter skills training or retraining that will allow these employees to successfully compete in the job market."

Industries most affected in California, according to the list, are technology, banking, medical, pharmaceuticals and airlines. In California, JP Morgan Chase Banks are expected to lay off 362 employees by Jan. 29, and 2,372 by the end of the year.

Update (Friday 5:30pm):


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  American Airlines alerted us that "The original number of WARN notices sent to LAX was 184. That would have meant 51 furloughs and 131 junior employees forced to change job classification, transfer or furloughed. (The airline industry calls it “bump and roll” - - you get bumped and roll into another position or base.)  WARN notices are always estimates and usually formulated months beforehand. WARN notices are not definite layoff notices... Other factors influence the final “real” number – retirements, buyouts etc. So, in LAX’s case, American expected more people to transfer into the hub (bump and roll). That didn’t happen. So, 10 people were transferred and no one lost their job."

  The California Employment Development Department told KNBC that WARN notices are notices that indicate layoffs.  Layoffs defined to the state are jobs expected to be eliminated by the company.  Esperanza Flaughter from EDD said how a company defines it to it's employees is one thing, the state reads the notices as layoffs.

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