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Police Arrest Two Alleged Serial Robbers Who Attacked Victims

Los Angeles police announced on Thursday the arrest of two alleged serial robbers whose victims include a teenager and an LA Superior Court judge.

Jose Roberto Marroquin Jr., 18, and Alan Arellano, 20, both of Los Angeles, were arrested in connection with at least 10 robberies and attempted robberies in the Mid-Wilshire area since late December 2014.

Police said the two took turns attacking people, and victims included a judge, who did not want to be identified, as well as a 13-year-old boy, whom the suspects allegedly knocked out.

Marroquin is accusing of using an airsoft pistol resembling gun to scare victims, police said.

"The anguish that (the victims) have gone through, the experience will mark their lifetime," LAPD Deputy Chief Beatrice Girmala said. "The sense of justice and closure that we bring here today is something that we want to acknowledge, plus also the courage of each and every victim."

Officers showed photos during a Thursday morning news conference of the replica weapon.

"If you're just the person walking down the street and you see a weapon like that, you don't know the difference," LAPD Capt. Tina Nieto said.


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One of the victims fought back as a witness used a cellphone to take picture of the suspects' license plate, which helped lead to their capture, officials said.

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