Artist Petitions to Close Downtown Roads During Art Walk

Infant’s death leads to petition drive

It was the first time a death happened during downtown Los Angeles' popular Art Walk. The death of a 2-month old has spurred artists to petition for a way to keep the streets safe.

"Art Walk has become such a popular event that we have to look at ways of possibly controlling the massive flow of people and vehicles into downtown," said Lalo Alacaraz, an artist that displays his work at the monthly event. "I would even like to see a small part of downtown streets closed off to vehicle traffic."

Alcaraz has signed an online petition asking Art Walk organizers to consider the road shut down.

He is among artists also working to help the family of the infant killed in the accident on July 14.

Marcelo Vasquez was struck by a car that lost control.  Police believe the driver mistakenly hit the gas instead of the brakes.  Vasquez died a short time later at a local hospital.

"I hope we can take this moment of tragedy and come together and focus on helping baby Marcello's family," said Alcaraz.

A Facebook page was started in order to help the family raise money for funeral and other costs.

"I hope that artists, like myself, who present and sell their work at Art Walk in downtown Los Angeles can come together and raise funds."

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