4 to Watch: What's Fueling This Weekend's Powerful Storm?

A powerful rainmaker is heading toward Southern California, tapping into an atmospheric river

If you think that storm earlier this week packed a lot of rain, wait until the next one. Conditions are right for what could be a weekend wallop in Southern California.

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What's Fueling This Stronger, Larger Storm Heading Our Way?

It's an atmospheric river -- a large band of moisture in the sky. Storms tap into that moisture, dragging it from the Pacific to California. Here's what to expect this weekend. 

An atmospheric river is behind the strong storm headed out way. Belen De Leon has the forecast on Friday Feb. 1, 2019 on the NBC4 News at 11 a.m.

LA Cookie Con to Sweeten a Stormy Weekend

Looking for indoor plans? A cookie convention sounds pretty sweet. Here's what to know.


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It is recognized as the world's best-known earthquake fault. The 800-mile long San Andreas fault, a continuous break in the Earth's crust that extends from Humboldt County in Northern California to the remote Salton Sea. Here's what you'll find.

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