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Zombies Target Santa Clarita

I saw this on LAist this morning.  "Life is really, really boring in the bubble that is the Santa Clarita Valley," the story starts.  "Thankfully, running amock can fill the lack of things-to-do void. A large group of zombies attacked Valencia neighborhood businesses last night prompting an LAist reader who was shopping at Target to ask us what the heck was going on."

Zombies are big these days.  Maybe it has something to do with the whole Vampire phenomenon with the Twilight craze, but dressing up as a zombie and playing like it's "Z-Day" (when zombies are said to rise from the grave and cause chaos) is apparently a lot of fun for the kids.

Z-Day hit Santa Clarita's town center last night, at 7:30pm.  It was a sort of flash mob organized on Facebook, with the pate "SCV Zombie Invasion."  The Invasion invitation, open to all on Facebook, says:

How awesome would it be to roam the streets of Santa Clarita as a zombie- with fellow zombies? We want to get as many people as possible together, Monday, August 10th, dressed and acting like Zombies. We will attack the Valencia Town Center and other nearby shopping shopping centers. Many other people have done this across the country, and it's basically the most fun ever.

Well, page had 932 "Maybe Attending" as RSVPs, and there were certainly hundreds who turned out, looking the part.  Check out some of the pictures the attendees posted after it was all over last night -- special props to aspiring photojournalist Brittany Marie Oliphant:

The last picture you see here is of the emergency vehicles responding to one zombie who got hit by a car because, as the person who took the picture put it, "he decided to jaywalk."


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That's against the rules.  Even Zombies have to use crosswalks, and wait for lights to turn green, because they all sign a contract to obey all laws:

Be prepared to agree to the Z-DAY CONTRACT, which may include the following rules:
1. You may not inflict physical damage to any persons or property.
2. You must offer full compliance to any requests or directions given by law enforcement officials.
3. If asked to leave private property by the owner, you must cooperate.
4. You must remain with the group to avoid any incident that would compromise your own safety or the safety of others.
6. You will be held accountable and will claim full responsibility for your own actions throughout the duration of the event.

Some of the comments posted by attendees:

"WOW, this turned out to be quite a night!! I couldn't believe how many zombies actually showed up! hahaha..... i do hope that one guy will be okay, i was right there when it happened!! that was not cool at all.
I hope we do it again next year! (only next time, NO JAY WALKING!!!!)

"This was a great... it was probably the most fun that i had in my entire life..."

"The stampede through the mall parking lot right in the beginning has got to be one of the most beautiful things I've ever witnessed."

The verdict:  the kids loved it, and no one destroyed anything.  And, most of them followed the rules --aside from the "jaywalker," no one got hurt, and Santa Clarita Sheriff's Station reported no major disturbances -- even with hundreds of fake-blood soaked kids stampeding through the Town Center.

I guess it's a good thing school is back in session soon ... ?

Editor's Note: I wanted to embed some video of that Shaun of the Dead movie but there is a big fire at a Montebello strip mall and don't have time... so here is some video of a guy being chased by the CHP.

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