August 13: What's Jen Clicking on Between Newscasts?

What's worse than being unemployed? Sometimes, working is.

With the national unemployment rate nearing 10%, here's a bit of a happy read for those of you among those growing ranks. 

Remember work?  How irritating it was?  How much you wanted to just let loose on that loud, open mouthed apple-chomper, or gum popper, or (eek, I've heard this one a lot) that certain co-worker who clips his nails and sends them flying all over the place?

Or how about sitting near a person with a phone or verbal redundancy.  Or a teeth sucking or tongue clucking habit.  Or pen-drumming or nail tapping or whistling or humming.  All. Day. Long.

Or, how about if you sit near Nina the Receptionist, a la Office Space?  


You can be glad you're not working, for so many reasons.  There's a new CareerBuilder survey out that has the top 20 strangest complaints employees have about eachother, and the workplace.  More than 2,600 hiring managers took part in the survey.


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Some of my favorites have to do with loud breathing, and bells on shoes...

Here's the list from the story on Reuters:

  • Employee is too suntanned.
  • Employee has big hair.
  • Employee eats all the good cookies.
  • Employee is so polite, it's infuriating.
  • Employee suspected co-worker was a pimp.
  • Employee is trying to poison me.
  • Employee's body is magnetic and keeps deactivating my magnetic access card.
  • Employee is personally responsible for a federally mandated tax increase.
  • Employee was annoyed the company did not provide a place for naps during break time.
  • Employee only wears slippers or socks at work.
  • Employee's aura is wrong.
  • Employee smells like road ramps.
  • Employee breathes too loudly.
  • Employee wants to check a co-worker for ticks.
  • Employee wore pajamas to work.
  • Employee has bells on her shoes and it's not the holidays
  • Co-worker reminded the employee too much of Bambi.
  • Employee spends too much time caring for stray cats around the building.
  • A male employee keeps using the ladies' room because the men's room is not as tidy.

What are your favorites to add to the list?  Hit me up on Facebook or Twitter, and maybe we can get our own survey going.  The time has come for us all to feel a little better about NOT working.

Including myself.  (What do you mean, "this is really short?")

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