August 4: What's Jen Clicking on Between Newscasts?

Joker Poster Obama-Drama ... can't we just get back to the drivel?

When all else fails, cue the dogs.  They always do something to make us laugh,  or at least smile.  If you want to skip the Obama-drama redux from yesterday, look at this dog picture then scroll down to the YouTube video below.


Yesterday's story about the Obama Joker poster aroused such a response on my KNBC Facebook page, I feel like we need to take a step back and get right back into the nonsense I usually write about.

Here's a sampling of the response:

Lou: "As a hardcore LIBERTARIAN/CONSTITUTIONALIST, socialism is one of the impetuses that I went to law school to defend our fellow Americans against...No one can deny that Obama was majorly influenced by the Marxist teachings of his mentor. Our country and Constitution was founded upon the antithesis beliefs of "our" president..."

David: "Funny how "The Socialist" Obama is working so hard to keep capitalism from collapsing..."

Phillip: "I can appreciate art; i.e., the color composition and the use of positive and negative space, but I don't like the message it sends. However, we are entitled to freedom of speech. But the dividing lines between freedom of expression, art, slander and anti-Americanism can be ambiguous here..."

Marby:"Wow, I wonder why no one got this riled up when all those Bush as Hitler posters were being passed around...?"

Then, my favorite, from Rocky ... a little white dog who has inexplicably befriended me (I think he has a ghost-writer) says, after a few passionate comments flying back and forth between two commenters:


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"Why so angry? At the risk of being called feeble minded, amorphous, fatuous, ignorant, a yahoo, ludicrous or flatulent (ok, I tossed that one in myself, just for fun), I'm thinking that I'm only the second most likely on poor Jennifer's wall to bite someone on the ankles. I'll admit -- I didn't go to law school, but I do remember them telling us in... obedience school that freemasonry conspiracy theories tend to water down the credibility of one's argument. Ok, I'm off to my shriner's convention. There's nothing cuter than a maltese in a fez."

I know what you're thinking.  Dogs can't talk!  In fact, I have some video that a friend sent me below, that may make you think otherwise.  We agree that the last dog in the lineup is probably one of the best. 

By the way, I heard from Rocky's dad via email today.  He says his little white dog is grounded from Facebook for showing extremely bad manners -- threatening ankle-biting and whatnot.  To quote: " Rocky lied about his obedience school credentials. I can't have that."

Rocky, see you when your dad lets you loose again, little guy.  I do so enjoy our chats.

See what else Jen is clicking on ...

Editor's Note: This note isn't really a note -- just an excuse to use this photo somewhere on the website. This dog can't talk, but he's really good at eating bacon.

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