Azusa Family Mourns Father Who Died From COVID-19

Ten relatives of the Ramirez family have also tested positive for the virus.

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Sisters Alexia and Beatriz Ramirez are in shock after their father, Guillermo, who strictly followed stay-at-home orders, died three days after contracting the coronavirus at the young age of 46.

"No one was more serious," Alexia Ramirez said. "It is not fair that my dad took it so serious and was being so careful.

"I want my dad to be remembered for the funny guy that he was, the man that always wanted to give advice and be a great dad and husband."

Alexia Ramirez
Guillermo Ramirez and his wife have been together since they were 16.

Ten relatives of the Ramirez family who were visiting in March have tested positive for the virus, but are nearing a healthy recovery.

Alexia Ramirez's brother Guillermo Jr. was released from the hospital Saturday, her mom, grandma, two younger brothers, sister, two nephews and niece are in recovery.

Beatriz Ramirez said she has no plans to leave the house as her last symptoms were 11 days ago.

"Why risk it again in bringing it back home," Beatriz Ramirez said. "If we get it again, who knows what is going to happen the next time. It is not worth it."

The Ramirez's now are planning a private funeral in keeping with social distance guidelines.

"Only 10 of us can go and my dad had a lot of kids," Alexia Ramirez said. "So it is my mom, us six kids and two of his four siblings."

They plan to set up a Facebook group to encourage friends and family who cannot attend the funeral to still share photos, stories and videos, Alexia Ramirez said.

The family has set up a Go Fund Me page to help ease the financial strain left behind.

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