Baby Penguin Alert: Aquarium Chicks Webcam

The fuzzy chicks will join the other penguins at the June Keyes Penguin Habitat in August.

We're going to talk baby penguins in one moment, so, if you would, please kindly hold your baby horses.

We need you to first pop open your handy thesaurus, the one on your bookmarks bar, or that trusty app you couldn't do without.

How many synonyms for "fuzzy" or "downy" are there? Twenty? Thirty?

Not nearly enough. For the newborn Magellanic penguins at the Aquarium of the Pacific are beyond fuzzy, and beyond downy, and no mere human-created word could aptly describe how cuddly they look.

But look we can, beginning on Thursday, June 30, when the born-in-late-May babies make their debut on the institution's Penguin Chicks Cam.

As for the babies' short/sweet history? Penguin parents Kate and Avery birthed one chick, and Patsy and Robbie are the mom and dad to the other. The chicks stayed close to their parental peeps for the first few weeks, and off view, but they've made the leap to the nursery, which is how penguin buffs may now view them, via webcam.

And starting in August? Both chicks will make their full public debut at the June Keyes Penguin Habitat. The exact date is unknown, but count on coo-able baby penguin sightings by Labor Day.

Here's a tempting twist: If you participate in the aquarium's Adopt an Animal program, "adopting a penguin chick at $100 level or higher before September 30," you'll get the chance to suggest a name for Kate and Avery's baby, as well as two aquarium tickets.

If the aquarium's Animal Department chooses your name, you'll get an extra bonus: A behind-the-scenes peek of a penguin feeding, and penguin training, too.

Best keep that thesaurus app handy, for naming inspiration, in addition to finding new ways to say "fuzzy" and "nummy" and "most adorable thing ever."

As for the Penguin Chicks Cam? It comes to us from, the Annenberg Foundation's nature-minded media enterprise.

Better go right now, to see if the chicks are A) on camera and B) are doing something heart-meltingly sweet, like standing or sleeping or eating or staring or nothing much at all. (All qualify as heart-meltingly sweet baby penguin activities, 100 percent.)

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