Kobe Bryant

Bags of Air From Kobe Bryant's Last Game Auctioned on eBay

Victory was in the air when Kobe Bryant closed out his 20-year career with the Lakers last week, and though his 60-point game is now history, you can still get a whiff of the triumph, so claim some eBay sellers.

A puffy, re-sealable bag of air labeled "Kobe Last Game" was up for auction on eBay over the weekend. The bid history indicates the starting price on Saturday was $500, and more than 50 bids later, the leading bid had climbed to $17,500 as of Monday afternoon.

"A bag of air from his final game. Me and my son went and was amazing (sic) experience," the description from seller jacobtrevo said before it was removed from the site.

He isn't the only eBay seller who claims to have bagged a breeze at Staples Center. A search on eBay turned up dozens of listings for bags filled with air claiming to be from the Black Mamba's memorable farewell game.

One such listing said the bag "Comes with a string I found on the floor after the game. Filled with the air of screaming fans. Almost like you can feel the excitement inside the bag!"

eBay has been removing the items from its site on grounds they are in violation of the company's policies, spokeswoman Kari Ramirez said.

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