Barefoot Man Wearing Only Underpants Chases After a Man Breaking Into Truck

Security cameras captured the frantic moments when a couple realized a man was trying to break into vehicles in their Riverside neighborhood

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A Riverside couple awakened by a notification from their security camera stormed out of bed and chased off a man who was apparently trying to break into their truck and other vehicles on a rainy Christmas night.

Video from the LaFortune's security camera and a neighbor's show a man in a cap and jacket with a backpack walking up to several vehicles parked in the residential cul-de-sac. Shortly after the shadowy figure appeared in the LaFortune's driveway, Kevin LaFortune -- barefoot and wearing only his underpants -- can be seen rampaging out the door in video from the home's sideyard followed by a dog.

After a brief scuffle, Kelly LaFortune joined her husband and the man ran off.

"We felt like it was almost kind of a like street justice," said Kelly LaFortune. "Maybe he'll think twice next time."

No arrests were reported Friday.

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