Chicks Born on Barn Owl Cam

A live web cam is in the perfect position for the hatching

owl cam thumb 2
Audubon California

The same webcam that gave wildlife enthusiasts a birds’ eye view of expecting barn owls is now documenting those eggs on the verge of hatching.

Starr Ranch Sanctuary Manager Pete DeSimone installed the webcam in the 100-foot tall eucalyptus tree to keep track of the birds, which hatched seven chicks last year.

Now, hundreds of people are keeping an eye on a couple of barn owls who are about to become parents again.

The first egg began to hatch Friday morning, and the next egg will likely begin "pipping" in about two days.

NBC 4 was at the owls’ home early Friday and the mother bird seemed to be waiting for some action.

The transformation operates like clockwork: about 30 days after the egg is laid, the chick begins to hatch, DeSimone said.

And thanks to the magic of the Internet, people around the world get a chance to "ooh" and "aww."

Anyone can access the webcam by going to the sanctuary’s website.

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