“Meatball” the Bear Returns

A bear that was spotted in La Crescenta was seen in Glendale recently.

No doubt about it...

Meatball is back.

Visiting a backyard in the upper reaches of La Crescenta.

But he may also be foraging again well south in Glendale, even on the other side of the 210 Freeway.

You remember Meatball..

The leftover Italian food loving bear who wore out his welcome in La Crescenta last April, got rewarded with tranquilizer darts... and was moved back into the mountains,
deep in the Angeles Forest.

Well, guess what.

He's back!

"This was where I first saw him,” said Kelly MacDonald, who spotted the bear.

Kelly MacDonald made the sighting and got the photographic evidence in the backyard of her family's home in the upper reaches of La Crescenta at the edge of the forest.

How can we be sure it's Meatball?


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Closer inspection of his ear tag revealed "210,” the number Meatball was assigned back in April.

By coincidence, MacDonald recalls she was driving home as Meatball was being relocated.

MacDonald said it was noonish Thursday when Meatball came visiting.

That same day, several miles to the southeast in Glendale, neighbors in Chevy Chase Canyon spotted a bear.

Nobody saw an ear tag, but MacDonald would not be surprised if it was Meatball.

“If he can find his way back to LaCresenta, he can go anywhere," MacDonald said.

The serious question, though is what does Fish and Game do if Meatball will not stay relocated back in the wild.

Officials have not determined for sure if that was a second bear in Chevy Chase Canyon.

Regardless, the fact Meatball has found his way back to civilization could be problematic if he decides to stay and dumpster dive as he did last April.

MacDonald said he was gone within five minutes of being spotted.

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