Search Is on For Bears in Two Incidents

Some residents of Forest Falls in San Bernardino County are upset that people staying in a rental cabin shot and killed a bear sub that was rummaging through garbage.

"We cherish our bears," resident Arlene Landon said.

She claimed it seemed as though the visitors had baited the bears by leaving piles of garbage in the back of their pickup truck rather than delivering the trash to a secure location.

The mother bear and her two yearlings went to the front door of the Marcy Road cabin. The men renting the place called 911 and told authorities that they had been in fear of their lives and that's why they shot at the bears.

The mother bear and her remaining cub fled into the woods. Fish and Game officials are trying to find the wounded cub.

The town's 900 regular residents say seeing bears is nothing unusual.

Plenty of bears drop by this area nestled in the San Gorgonio Wilderness since the area belonged to them first.

In separate incident, Los Angeles Sheriff's Deputies are searching for a 500-pound black bear that apparently has a taste for chickens.

The bear is being blamed for the deaths of four out of nine chickens belonging to a La Canada woman who considered the chicks to be family pets and just recently, egg-layers.

The woman called the sheriff's substation three times overnight before the deputies actually showed up.

What they found were the dead chickens and piles of bear poop.

A state fish and game warden who dropped by told her the suspected size of the ursine visitor based on what he left behind.

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