It's Good to Have Bieber Fever

Justin Bieber's Show at Staples Monday was Sold Out, but the Pop Star Saved 500 Tickets so Kids Helped by Various Charities Could go for Free

Staples Center was "the" place to be Monday night if you're a Justin Bieber fan.

The young pop superstar's concert was the hottest ticket in town, but some local kids got to go for free.

The concert was sold out, but before the show Bieber revealed on Twitter that he saved 500 tickets to give to kids helped by five local charities in order to give to kids in need and let them have a fun night they deserve. The charities were recognized at the weekend's Variety Power Of Youth event, reported.

Variety's Power of Youth is an initiative that encourages top young talent to become involved with philanthropic and humanitarian causes, using their positions in popular culture to motivate others to do the same, according to the Daily Mail.

Kids from an after school program called "L.A.'s Best," was one of the charities given free tickets.

"I think it's really friendly because he didn't have to do it, but he did it anyway, so I thank him," said Alex Pena, who is 11 years old.

Many of the kids came from Grant and Selma Avenue Elementary school, and this was their first concert.

"This is such a great event for our kids. They're inner city youth. They don't have a lot of opportunities. Their parents can not afford to take them to concerts," says Michelle Windmueller, Principal of Selma Avenue Elementary.

Bieber was honored at the Power of Youth event for his work with Pencils Of Promise - a philanthropic organization that works with local communities to build schools and increase educational opportunities worldwide, the Daily Mail Reported.

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