Big Bear

Baby Eagle Dies as It Begins to Hatch in Big Bear Nest

A second egg has yet to pip in the nest high in the mountains east of Los Angeles.

Eagles Jackie and Shadow in their Big Bear nest.
Friends of Big Bear Valley

A baby eagle that appeared to be hatching from one of two eggs in a Big Bear nest has died. 

The eaglet began the process of pipping late last week in the nest overlooking Big Bear Lake. A few chirps from the tiny eagle could be heard on the nonprofit Friends of Big Bear Valley’s live nest cam, but it appeared to stop moving Friday afternoon.

On Saturday, the organization delivered an update. 

“We are sad to report, after egg 1 began to hatch, it appears that sometime during the day on 3/19 the eaglet passed away,” the nonrprofit said in a post. 

The eagle parents, known as Jackie and Shadow, continue to care for the second egg, which is nearly 40 days old. That egg has yet to pip.

In January, the eagles had three eggs, all of which were lost. 

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