Big Rig Slams Into 10 Fwy Overpass

Two trucks slammed into the same overpass five months ago

All lanes of the westbound 10 Freeway in Fontana were reopened Thursday night after a big rig hit a freeway overpass during rush hour, officials said.

The crash happened about 5 p.m. on the 10 Freeway under the Citrus Avenue bridge, according to a SigAlert issued for the area.

The bridge is under construction and the beams that were hit were already set to come down, officials said.

Engineers found the bridge itself was not compromised in the crash, but all westbound lanes were shut down so workers could remove any debris that may have been knocked loose.

"It's just a matter of what's safe to motoring public," said Tim Watkins, with San Bernardino Associated Governments. "We didn't want anything precarious hanging over lanes as people drove through."

All lanes were reopened at 9:30 p.m. Earlier Thursday, Caltrans said in a tweet that the closure could last until midnight.

A crash happened at the same overpass in April when two trucks slammed into the temporary overpass at Citrus Avenue. Both of those trucks were carrying oversided loads.

"There is a permit requirement for loads over a certain height and it appears both times this bridge was hit, it was by someone who didn't follow the legal process of getting a permit," Watkins said.

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