Big Sighs for El Cap’s ‘Happily Ever After’ Film Series

"The Little Mermaid" is the first film to swim onto the big screen, but other favorites are just around the corner.

Happily Ever After

What to Know

  • Through March 3 (select dates)
  • El Capitan in Hollywood
  • Five Disney films on the big screen

If you're an old-school, forever-and-ever Disney fan, the kind of person who likes to revisit classic films in the way that they were first viewed, on the big screen, best get excited, and even shout a few "bibbidis" and "bobbidis," too, while you're at it.

For there's magic afoot in Hollywood, the kind of magic that can only originate from a fairy godmother's wand.

For not one, not even two, certainly not three, and not four, but five, that's five Disney favorites are unfurling on the silver screen at none other than the El Capitan Theatre over the next few weeks.

The series has been dubbed "Happily Ever After," and once the titles are perused a Disney maven gets why: "The Little Mermaid," "Sleeping Beauty," "Beauty and the Beast," "Lady and the Tramp," and "Cinderella" make up the classic, widely loved quintet.

As is the way with the El Cap, the most Disney-riffic destination in Tinseltown, there shall be character meet-and-greets paired with the screenings, with one exception: "Lady and the Tramp," which has its own special Miceli's dinner promotion, as befits the film's famous spaghetti scene.

Who hasn't referenced that charming moment, while slurping a long strand of pasta with a sweetheart? No one, pretty much. 

As for the princesses you can expect to see before the screenings? Ariel will be in the house along with "The Little Mermaid," Aurora's there for "Sleeping Beauty," of course, buffs of "Beauty and the Beast" will see Belle, and Cinderella is stopping by to celebrate her eponymous film.

The series ends on March 3, and while the films will run, one after the other, there are short breaks between each, so best study up on the dates, much in the way that Ariel studies the treasures in her grotto or Belle reads up on, well, everything in her amazing library.

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