5 Things You Don’t Know About Bike Theft

Police say thieves most often target bikes in the summer months

A bike theft ring uncovered by an NBC I-Team investigation that followed the trail of a stolen bike outfitted with a GPS tracking device may have sold thousands of stolen bikes.

Incidents of thieves picking up bikes are on the rise across Southern California.

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Here are five things you need to know about bike theft that could protect your wheels – and you:

  • Bike thefts occur most often in the summer. July and August are the worst months for theft.
  • Never leave your bike unlocked, even in a garage or carport. A thief can cut a lock and steal a bike in 16 seconds.
  • Record your bike’s serial number and file a police report, if it’s stolen. Police recover many bikes, but most go unreturned, because the owners did not have the serial number.
  • There is no one type of bike that is most commonly stolen. Thieves equally target cheaper, used bikes as well as expensive models.
  • Any part of a bike that is left unlocked in public can be stolen. Thieves will often steal just the seat or the wheels, if they’re unlocked.

Source: Los Angeles Police Department, Newport Beach Police Department, Hermosa Beach Police Department

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