Photos: Beverly Hills Property With Stunning 360-Degree Views Is Still on the Market

A 157-acre plot of land known as "The Mountain" was touted as the finest undeveloped plot of land in Los Angeles. It offers stunning 360-degree views of Southern California, including the distant Santa Catalina Island and well beyond downtown Los Angeles.

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A view of a sprawling 157-acre property in Beverly Hill on Monday July 30, 2018.
James Ham
This mountaintop property in Beverly Hills offers 360-degree views of Southern California.
Matthew Momberger
"The Mountain" features vast expanses of grass and undeveloped parcels, perfect for anyone with the mind-boggling resources required to develop the property.
Matthew Momberger
The property dubbed "The Mountain" has changed hands since the 1970s, when it was purchased by the sister of the shah of Iran and eventually bought by talk show host and producer Merv Griffin.
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