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Birthday Cool: Elvis Ice Cream

Honoring The King on the anniversary of his 82nd birthday? Stop by a Salt & Straw for a tribute scoop.

If you've ever admired an icon, or studied what it takes to become a legend, or you're on the way to achieving superstar status, or you're currently, as of this typing, a beloved idol at the top of the pop culture heap, then you know that tributes can take many memorable forms.

A star-directed tribute isn't just about a local singer dressing up as his favorite performer and warbling the songs; tributes can, in fact, cover a wide spectrum of enjoyable things, from concerts to clothing to comestibles.

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One such comestible, currently available for purchase at all four of the Salt & Straw Ice Cream shops around Los Angeles, is a tribute of the tastiest sort, and knowing the main ingredients means immediately knowing the particular idol it is tributing: banana custard ice cream and peanut butter bacon cookie dough.

Indeed, it is Elvis Presley the shops are loving up, and just in time for his birthday month, too. In fact, Sunday, Jan. 8 is the 82nd anniversary of the birth of "The Boy from Tupelo," meaning you can have a scoop of Happy Birthday Elvis! ice cream while you sit in our convertible and crank up "Don't Be Cruel" and "Love Me Tender."

But even if you can't get to a Salt & Straw on Jan. 8, you're in luck: The flavor'll be in the cold cases at regional Salt & Straws through Friday, Jan. 27.

And there's another fact about being a super-legendary icon for the ages: You get a whole birthday month, in honor of your legacy.

That's Elvis, through and through, a legend that starts our annual calendar with memories of music, great style, mega charisma, and the occasional scoop of peanut-butter-y bliss (one that comes with "a ribbon of marionberry jam," the better to complement, sweetly, all of those deeper bacon-forward flavors).

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