Black Friday Battleground

Sales of high definition TV's are at the heart of the battle for your holiday dollar this year.

With a week and a half to go until Black Friday, savvy consumers are on the hunt for the best deals on televisions.

"Number one question is, what TV's are going to be on sale for Black Friday," said Josh Taylor, customer solutions manager at Best Buy in Burbank.

So retailers are fighting it out for your cash by slashing prices and starting sales ahead of the most important retail day of the year.

"We tell them the online deals that we have going on that are the two-day specials, that are the same as the Black Friday specials, because we want to compete with those online retailers like Cyber Mondays. We also have those Black Friday deals," according to Taylor. "We have some 40" deals that are $200 less than last year's prices, and there were some really good deals last year."

After a couple of years of lackluster sales, retailers are hoping technology advances, and those cheaper prices, will lure folks to their aisles.

"As long as the price point is right, I'm kind of interested in the new 3D TV's," said consumer, Russ Johnson.

If you're not thinking about buying a TV before you walk into a store like Best Buy, chances are you will be. They've made sure they've got their TV's front and center, showing off their big sales for the holiday season.

But most people come in having already done their homework.

"80 percent of ours customers already pre-shopped, and already know what they want before they even walk in our door," Taylor said.

Still, the retailers don't want to miss any opportunity to sell you a shiny new flat panel TV.

"Stack it high," said Taylor, "and let it fly."

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