Black Friday Shopping in the Southland

More than 150 million Americans are expected to shop this weekend.

There’s nothing like holiday music and a good deal to put shoppers in the gift-buying mood, and shoppers at Costa Mesa's South Coast Plaza were among the masses of Americans looking for a bargain.

"I got a really good robe for thirty bucks and it's normally 150,” one shopper said.

One third of surveyed consumers said they planned to shop on what has been dubbed Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving when retailers roll out their red-carpet deals.

"Black Friday is like a psychological thing,” another shopper said. “People need to get a head start on their Christmas shopping."

More than 150 million Americans are expected to shop this weekend, which means they’ll be waiting in some serious lines.

“It’s a little discouraging waiting in line,” said Homa Hashemi.

But before they could hurry up and wait, shoppers first had to conquer the concrete battle in the parking lot.

Parking was “terrible,” another shopper said. “I was lucky my husband dropped me off."

Another shopper braving the Black Friday crowds said if they would have taken their bike if they knew the parking was going to be so bad.

Shoppers are expected to spend $500 billion this holiday season and while Friday’s shopping frenzy was lucrative for some stores, other retailers did not see the crowds they expected.

"It's slower than last year. Definitely we all noticed. Our numbers reflect that as well,” one bookstore manager said.

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