Blake Griffin and Jimmy Butler Star in New Space Jam Commercial

Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin stars in a new Space Jam commercial that debuted on Wednesday for Michael Jordan's new Air Jordan XXXI shoes.

What's up, Jocs?

Space Jam 2 is slated for 2017, but fans of the Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny film from 1996 got a small taste of what's to come in a 90-second commercial for Jordan's brand Defy on Thursday.

The commercial stars Chicago Bulls guard Jimmy Butler who starts the ad by saying, "It's the same story it's always been," as the world prepares for the return of the "villains," the Monstars who are looking for a rematch after losing to Jordan and the Looney Tunes 20 years ago.

However, it's not Butler who steps up to square off with the Monstars, but Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin. Four players decked out in Jordan gear head down the back alley of a Foot Locker where they are met by Bugs Bunny who pushes Griffin out a door to help the kids challenge the Monstars. 

The commercial is for the new Air Jordan XXXI shoes and isn't necessarily linked to the new reboot of the film that stars LeBron James and will be directed by Fast and Furious head Justin Lin, but it's possible that Griffin and Butler could play a role in the film as they are both signed to the Jordan brand.

In the meantime, you can take a peak at the full commercial below and tune in to TNT on Wednesday night as Griffin's Clippers challenge James Cavaliers in a matchup of two of the best teams in the NBA.

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