TV Legend Bob Barker Helps Open New Donkey Sanctuary

Iconic "Price Is Right" host Bob Barker donated millions of dollars through his foundation to open Donkeyland Wildlife Sanctuary to protect wild burros in Southern California

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The former host of the "Price Is Right" is once again stepping into the spotlight, this time to help the wild burros in the Inland Empire.

The new Donkeyland Wildlife Sanctuary is officially open, serving a huge area in and around Reche Canyon. Bob Barker and his charitable foundation contributed millions of dollars to help build the preserve.

"They've been in this canyon for over seventy years, roaming between different cities," said Chad Cheatham, vice president of Donkeyland.

The burros have been found in cities like Moreno Valley, Colton Riverside, and Loma Linda.

Cheatham says for years they have been working on this sanctuary with the main goal of caring for hundreds of these wild burros.

"Five hundred acres that's fenced and that's thanks to Bob Barker and Nancy Burnet and the foundation for the generous contributions for the sanctuary and the fencing," Cheatham said. Barker, 98, has long been a vocal advocate for animal rights.

Cheatham says the sanctuary is desperately needed because donkeys have been targeted by animal abusers, who have even shot them with bow and arrows.

Other donkeys have been hit by cars.

"They don't have to be no longer in traffic, and they don't have to be roaming through people's private properties," Cheatham said. "Now the donkeys get to run free and safe they no longer have to run because of danger."

Cheatham says if they find any donkeys that are in harm's way they will be brought to the sanctuary and a vet from So Cal Equine Hospital will check them out.

"We try to vaccinate all the donkeys so that they are not exposed to equine influenza virus," said Dr. Paul Wan of the So Cal Equine Hospital. "Things like that or anything that could be contagious to the equine population in general."

The sanctuary will also help control the wild burro population, but Cheatham says most importantly it will give these gentle animals the peaceful life they deserve.

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