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Bobcat Spotted Behind Anaheim Hills Home

John Noble has had several bobcat sightings in the backyard of his Anaheim Hills home, the latest of which happened about a week ago.

A Southern California man was looking out his window about a week ago when he saw a bobcat wander into his backyard.

When John Noble saw the bobcat wander up from the canyon and walk around his backyard in Anaheim Hills, he immediately thought to take a picture of the animal.

Noble said he has had several bobcat sightings, possibly because his home sits on the edge of a canyon that opens up to the Oak Canyon Nature Center. 

"Every now and then, critters come up to survey the premises," Noble said. "I've lived here 37 years so I get to see a lot of action."

About four or five years ago, his wife Gloria saw a bobcat play with her baby cub for about half an hour in their backyard

"They don't bother anybody, they're not vicious or attacking," Noble said.

Bobcat attacks are extremely rare, according to Janice Mackey, a spokeswoman for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. When they do occur, the animal is usually very sick, she said.


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Mackey said she's heard of one bobcat attack during her four years at the department, but stressed that people should never approach wild animals like bobcats.

"Observe them at a safe distance," Mackey said. "More than likely it's going to be running from you."

People who notice a bobcat visiting their area regularly who are concerned can call and notify their regional office to investigate the presence of the animal.

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