Boy Hailed As Hero For Apartment Fire Alerts

As the blaze spread through the Bakersfield structure, 10-year-old Colton Current sprang into action to alert his neighbors.

Ten-year-old Colton Current is being applauded for his bravery after helping people evacuate an apartment fire in Bakersfield last week, NBC affiliate KGET-TV reports.

"Me and my dad were coming back from Lowes and we saw a little bit of smoke and the fire was just starting and we came over here and my dad knocked on the first door and got someone out and I went around to the other doors and got everybody else out," Colton says.

Some of the people he alerted had no idea about the flames spreading outside.

Although Colton feels like a hero, that's not what means the most to him.

"I just hope everybody can get a new house and everybody can get their stuff back, and I'm just glad that everybody made it out good," he says.

Read more from KGET-TV here.

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