Boys Town

Boys Town California is driven by an unwavering belief that every child and every family has the potential to succeed, regardless of their circumstances.  Right now, in communities throughout California, hundreds of thousands of children are living in fear, seeking guidance, and in desperate need of compassion. Powerful forces are also at work tearing the fabric of our families. Wherever these children and families are hurting, we are helping. 

Any family facing a challenge needs to have a strong social support network. This is especially true for families who are dealing with the behavioral or mental health issues of a child or an adult. Unfortunately, many families feel isolated by their problems and lack any meaningful social support. These families need someone like you – a mentor, a friend.  By serving as a Family Mentor, you can offer advice, encouragement, and support to those families whose struggles and experiences may be similar to your own. You will be assigned to a family through Boys Town California’s Family Matching program.

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