Baby Arrives in Car on Broadway

Robert Lopez and his wife came up short in their late-night dash to the maternity ward.

Lopez was driving his expectant wife in their four-door Nissan Altima to the hospital early Wednesday when she started to give birth. Lopez pulled over on South  Broadway between West 32nd and West 33rd streets.

"We had to stop right here," Lopez told a Newsreel camera crew,  moments after his wife gave birth to a baby girl in the car.

Lopez used a cell phone to call for help. Firefighters at Station 15 got  the call at 3:07 a.m., Los Angeles Fire Capt. John Sullivan said.

Firefighters from Light Force 15 found the woman giving birth in the  front passenger seat of the Honda, according to Newsreel.

Paramedics brought blankets as the woman delivered her baby daughter in  the car, then transferred her to an ambulance as she held her newborn.

An ambulance crew took the mother and daughter to a hospital, Sullivan  said. Lopez followed them in the Honda

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