Bryan Stow Case: Key Events on the Night of the Attack

A document filed in August 2011 by the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office provides more details on what allegedly occurred during and after a March 31 game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants.

The details were provided in a motion opposing a proposed bail reduction for Louie Sanchez, one of two suspects arrested in the case.

According to the District Attorney's office:

  • During the game, Sanchez allegedly threw a soda at a woman inside the stadium.
  • After the game, Bryan Stow and a group of friends were involved in the first of two altercations with Sanchez and Marvin Norwood in the stadium parking lot. Sanchez allegedly pushed Stow and punched another man.
  • Stow and his friends walked away after the initial altercation with Sanchez.
  • "Several hundred feet" from the first altercation, Sanchez and Norwood approached Stow and his friends for a second time.
  • Sanchez allegedly punched a man, identified as Allen Jeffrey Bradford, then attacked Stow.
  • According to the DA, "Stow was facing defendant Norwood when Sanchez ran up behind Stow and punched him in the side of the head. Stow's friends, who are paramedics, describe that Stow immediately lost consciousness and fell sideways to the ground without breaking his fall. When Stow's head hit the ground witnesses heard his head impact the concrete and saw it bounce."
  • Sanchez and Norwood allegedly kicked Stow as he was on the ground.
  • The assailants fled as people arrived at the location of the beating.

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