Giants Fan Bryan Stow Released From Hospital

"We look forward to seeing the recovery he makes over the next several years"

Giants fan Bryan Stow has been released from a hospital and moved to a rehabilitation facility, according to his doctors.

Bryan Stow: Timeline of Events

Doctors provided an update on Stow's condition Tuesday afternoon, just hours after he left San Francisco General Hospital with family members. Stow has a long road ahead, but there have been encouraging signs, according to the hospital.

"We look forward to seeing the recovery he makes over the next several years," said Dr. Geoff Manley, neurosurgery chief at San Francisco General Hospital. "Remember, he has emerged from a coma. He has recollection in a very anecdotal way. This certainly bodes well for the long-term prognosis.

"He's an amazing individual. He has an incredibly supportive family. Those things together are as important as the care."

Stow's friends and family are thrilled about this latest move.

"It's ecstatic. Everyone's happy. The next step's home," according to Stow's close friend, Danny Simon. "At first you never thought he was ever going to come home, or ever come out of it. That was the prognosis from the beginning, he was never going to wake up, and look what happened."

Stow's breathing tube has been removed and his seizure medication has been reduced, doctors said. He also regained some mobility.

"He's starting to get up, but not quite walking," Manley said.

"I saw him the very first two weeks when I was down in LA," recalls Simon. "He was sleeping, there was no response, there was no, nothing. His body was there, but nothing else was. Then, to see him now is incredible. He looks really good."

The location of the rehabilitation facility was not disclosed.

"We feel immense relief today, knowing that Bryan is ready to start the next chapter of his story," the family said in a statement. "Though we won’t miss the hospital, we will miss the people at San Francisco General. Everyone there has been so wonderful and kind to us, and we know that Dr. Manley and the team have given Bryan the best care possible."

Stow was attacked outside Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on March 31. He suffered severe traumatic brain injury and removal of a skull fragment to relieve pressure on his brain was required to save his life, according to doctors.

Stow remained hospitalized at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center until his transfer May 16 to San Francisco General.

He can now follow commands, speak a few words, interact with people and breathe on his own, doctors said. He also is starting to eat, according to doctors at SF General.

"Now it is equally important that he receive care from a place that specializes in rehabilitation for patients with brain injuries," Manley said of Stow's move the rehabilitation facility.

The LAPD has since arrested two suspects accused in the parking lot attack. A court date to schedule a pre-trial hearing for suspects Louie Sanchez and Mavin Norwood is scheduled for Nov. 4.

In recent weeks, Stow has made what his family says is significant progress. Stow is now speaking in complete sentences in videos to his children and engaging in conversations with visitors.

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