Bryan Stow Interview on Rock Center

Stow takes part in simple conversation with NBC's Nancy Snyderman

For the first time since a brutal beating outside Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, NBC Bay Area has obtained video of San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow.

Stow's family allowed cameras into his rehab center through the NBC news magazine Rock Center for a special that will air next week.

In the video released by Rock Center, Dr. Nancy Snyderman walks up to Stow is who sitting on a bed and introduces herself.  He responds by asking, "How are you?"

When she responds that she is "doing very well thank you," Stow says "That's good."

The clip is :30 seconds and is only a portion of the segment that will air next Monday on NBC Bay Area at 10 p.m.

Stow is an EMT in the South Bay and lived in Santa Cruz before his injury. He's divorced with two young children.

He traveled to LA with some friends to see his team take on their arch rivals on March 31.  The group was attacked by two men wearing Dodger gear following the game. 

Stow suffered severe traumatic brain injury and may not ever fully recover.

The first still photo of Stow was released the week of Thanksgiving. It showed him gathered around his family on the holiday.

Stow began his recovery at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center. He was transfered to San Francisco General on May 16 so that he could be closer to his family. He was transfered to a rehab center in October.

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