Buena Park Family Turns Home Into Giant Billboard

Marketing Firm Pays Family to Turn Home Into Billboard

In a sea of stucco and beige, the Hostetler’s Buena Park home stands out. So much so, neighbors couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

"Oh my God, I thought," said next door neighbor Nileen Pancoast. "I said, no, no, no!"

But she quickly found out what was going on.

The idea, according to marketing guru Romeo Mendoza, was not to blend in. So he painted the four bedroom, two bath abode sunrise orange and a shade he calls broccoli green. The colors and signs transformed it into a two-story billboard for his company "Braniacs from Mars."

"It’s pretty cool, we’re the first," said Sarah Hostetler. "People stop by and stare."

Sarah’s parents, Scott and Beth Hostetler, beat out 40,000 other applicants and will earn about $2,000 a month as long as the neon colors remain.

Mendoza, who came up with the scheme, was inspired to offer a fee to families in need after his daughter asked him to explain the word foreclosure.

"We saw early on what was happening in this economy," Mendoza told NBC4 News. "The government can only do so much. It’s up to the private sector to get us out of this housing mess sooner."

As for the Hostetler’s, they say they’re not in jeopardy of losing their home. They plan on using the money for Sarah’s schooling.

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