Cause for Concern: Shooting Range Near School

The sound of gunfire from a nearby shooting range was enough to generate some complaints.

Then came the discovery of bullet fragments on school grounds.

Now proseuctors are "looking at possible criminal charges" against the Redondo Beach shooting range's operator, a spokeswoman for the district attorney's office told The Beach Reporter.

The California Department of Toxic Substance Control investigated complaints regarding the range, which is near Towers Elementary School in Torrance. Their findings were turned over to the DA, according to The Beach Reporter.

The agency also sent the city a violation notice that "suggests the particles are fragments of bullets that got dispersed by the wind," The Beach Reporter reported.

The DA has sent a letter to the city:

"Deputy District Attorney Daniel Wright wrote that Redondo is 'in direct violation of environmental laws and regulations,' as well as public nuisance rules. He cited the placement of firing targets that could cause bullets to ricochet, as well as 'black grit debris' observed behind the range."

The city attorney said there is no basis for criminal charges.

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