Here Goes Mutton: Goats Return to Bunker Hill for Snack Attack

Not a baaaaad way to clear some brush

The weed-eating goats have once again returned to Bunker Hill.

The herd of eco-friendly gardeners began eating brush Tuesday at Angel's Knoll, near the corner of 4th and Hill streets, the Los Angeles Downtown News reported:

The Community Redevelopment Agency is bringing the goats back for the third year in a row to eat the weeds on a parcel of land that is now a lovely, if steep, park, and was formerly the planned site of a high rise office building.

The goats, provided by the San Diego firm Environmental Land Management, will be dining in LA for at least a week, the newspaper reported.

NBCLA's John Cadiz Klemack has posted pics of the goats on his twitpic account.

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