Burbank Warehouse Fire Lights Up Night Sky

A fire Wednesday night destroyed an aging Burbank warehouse full of scented oils.
Flames shot from the roof of a brick building housing Scented Oil, at 507 S. San Fernando Road, as the fire burned for one hour and 10 minutes, said Burbank Fire Department Capt. Ron Bell.
``When we started shooting water in the front door, a burning oil of unknown type came flowing out that same door,'' Bell said. ``At that point, we
backed out and went into a defensive posture.''
The fire was reported at 6:40 p.m. Two ladder platform trucks from Burbank were joined by a third truck from nearby Glendale.
``They are dumping tons and tons of water on this,'' Bell said.
Dozens of other firefighters sprayed the building from ground level.
``It's an unreinforced masonry building, built before 1933, and the walls are now bulging out,'' Bell said as he watched the fire. ``I don't know if any firefighters are going to be entering that structure at all.''
Scents Oil is an import/export firm dealing in oils used to scent candles, but Bell said no candle wax was present at the site.
Burbank police said traffic was being kept out of the area, a commercial strip three blocks southeast of Burbank City Hall.

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