Cafecito: Rosie Perez on the Importance of Art in Schools

Actor, activist and the first Latina co-host of "The View," Rosie Perez, joins host Feliciano Garcia to talk about the challenges she faced through her youth and why she fights to keep the arts in underserved schools in New York and Los Angeles through the Urban Arts Partnership.

The proud Puerto Rican also discusses what it was like to introduce hip-hop into the mainstream as the choreographer of the Fly Girls on the classic variety show "In Living Color." She even expresses her thoughts on how to succeed in the industry with dignity.

For more on Rosie Perez and her current role in the film "Fugly!" (available on demand Nov. 24th), her autobiography "Handbook for and Unpredictable Life" and her upcoming role in Larry David's "Fish in the Dark."

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