California Dog's Warts-and-All Adoption Page Builds Buzz

Eddie, a Silicon Valley-based Chihuahua, really doesn't do well with other dogs.

If someone you didn't know were to stop you and your pooch in the street and ask about your pup, would you first list his many adorable pluses? Or would you reveal how he barks at music videos, tips garbage cans, and occasionally stands on the coffee table, whenever the urge strikes?

Most dog people would probably stick with the adorable points, though every dog devotee knows every dog has his or her Other List, that colorful roster that brims with quirks, habits, and strange behaviors.

Meet Eddie, a Chihuahua currently up for adoption through the Humane Society of Silicon Valley. Unlike pretty much every other pup up for adoption via the Internet, Eddie's adorable pluses are not what are prominently listed on his page but rather the "three great reasons you shouldn't even think about adopting him."

Charmed? Yep, as are many: Eddie's story is spreading as quickly as a Chihuahua crosses a yard for a piece of pepperoni. Huffington Post and Yahoo are talking about it; can it be long before Eddie's on the cover of a major magazine? 

The reasons for being cautious about adopting Eddie, by the way, are real: "He goes from zero to Cujo in .05 seconds when he sees another dog on a leash." Also? Eddie the Terrible -- his catchy handle -- is not what you would dub a "kid dog." That's a big ol' nope.

And if you want a woofer who will not get in the bed or the couch with you, look elsewhere, because Eddie is gonna. Major gonna. It's a done deal: He's making himself at home in all of your human-favorite spots.

But Eddie is also "super loyal, easy in the house, and a lot of fun," says the site, so while his quirks are given top-billing, his good points make a strong showing at the end.

Will Eddie be with a forever family by the end of 2014? Someone, likely multiple people, will be charmed to bits by this wee barker's tail -- er, tale. Will other rescue groups and adoption outposts walk the humorous warts-and-all path more often, when it comes to placing pups?

We don't see why not. Because while every dog devotee loves to sing her sweetie's praises, we all know that our canines are complex, and not a single one of them is a bed of roses on four legs.

In fact, many of them like to dig in beds of roses, and around fences, and in the garbage bin, and that, along with their pluses and minuses, is part of their larger, wonderful story.

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