California Grocers Association Statement

California Grocers Association spokesman Nate Rose issued the following statement:

"While we are still reviewing SB 38, the grocery community is familiar with how the Oregon Bottle Bill works. We have not yet decided if it can work in California because what works in a state of 4 million people might not work in a state of 40 million. There are definitely pieces, like the bag drop program, that make sense, but overall, there are some fundamental differences between Oregon and California. The Association look forward to working with the author and stakeholders on this legislation, if it continues to move.

As for the bottle bill, as a whole, it is in serious need of updating. In 2021, it does not make sense for consumers to bring back used containers into a grocery store for redemption. The system needs a thorough analysis to determine how to maximize a consumers opportunity to redeem and what role technology can play to improve and advance the system.

We look forward to working with the Legislature and Administration in developing proposals to bring the bottle bill back to a point where consumers can redeem containers and the State can achieve its recycling goals."

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