Shopping for Kids Made Cheap and Easy

Parents can buy and sell children's items at the LA Kids Consignment sale this weekend

Moms of Los Angeles, welcome to shopping paradise.

From Thursday to Sunday a 37,000 square foot warehouse in Burbank will be filled with toys, books, clothes and pretty much anything else a kid could need, at a fraction of the original prices.

The occasion? The biannual LA Kids Consignment Sale in San Fernando Valley, where parents can sell and buy children's items.

This is no measly yard sale, though. Consignors register on the website to sell up to 400 items and pay a $12 registration fee. They then price and tag the items they're going to sell before dropping them off for inspection, and receive 65% of the profit from the sale, or 70 percent if they volunteer for a three-hour-shift.

For elementary school teacher Araceli Hager, the payoff is well worth the effort.

Hager said she could outfit her twin boy and girl in Nordstrom, Target, Babies R Us--but hasn't step spent a dime at any of those stores.

The mother of 17-month-old twins participated in her first consignment sale last year as a seller. Until then Hager had been able to avoid shopping for her kids because of all the baby gifts they had received.

Soon they outgrew the gifts, though, and Hager found out about the sale from a "mother of twins" club in San Fernando Valley.

"They told me about it when my twins were born, and ever since I came to my frst one I haven't stopped coming," Hager said.

She sold the clothes and toys her children didn't use anymore, and spent the money she earned from the sale to buy what they'd need next.

"I usually end up spending as much as I make," Hager said.

This year, Hager is a volunteer at the sale. With 200 items to sell, she could earn up to $350, which will go towards replacing the money she spent at 5 a.m. on Thursday in the presale.

If a consignor's items haven't been snatched up by the last day, they have the option to take it back, sell it at an additionally marked down price or donate it to charity.

This year there is such a high demand that there will be additional spring sales in Valencia and Pasadena in the next two months.

"It's a great way to recycle things your kids have outgrown," Hager said. "And a few months later your kids are into other things."

Right in time for the next sale.

Visit the L.A. Kids Consignment website for more information about the sale dates and locations.

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