Canter's Celebrates 80 Years With 80 Cent Sandwich

Canter's Deli celebrated 80 years in business Tuesday by rolling back the price of their popular corned beef sandwich to the 1931 tag of 80 cents.

The landmark, family-run business was founded in 1931 by Ben Canter and his two brothers. The restaurant, then known as Canter Brother's Delicatessen, was located in Boyle Heights.

In 1953, Ben Canter's daughter, Selmo Udko, and her then husband, Harold Price, partnered with Canter and his wife, Jennie, and purchased the old Esquire Theatre at 419 North Fairfax North Fairfax Avenue.  The new partners moved the restaurant and renamed it Canter's Fairfax, where it remains today as a fixture of the neighborhood.

In 2003, it opened its first franchise at Treasure Island in Los Vegas featuring a 130 seat modern version of the original location. A food truck followed in 2010, serving up many of the company's signature items.

Over the years, Canter's has sold nearly 9 million pounds of corned beef, 20 million bagels and 24 million bowls of chicken soup, according to the company's website.

The 80 cent sale continues through midnight Tuesday.


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