Caught on Camera: Detectives Investigate Caregiver Abuse in Rancho Cucamonga

Staff members were accused of abusing two adult victims in a caregiver facility in Rancho Cucamonga, and police said Monday that there may be more victims.

Detectives said two victims, who were to remain anonymous, were abused by staff members in the past at the Anyelir Home located on Lemon Avenue. This was discovered when they served search warrants at the facility on Friday.

The suspects were identified as Marselyn Sihotang, 36, and Roselina Sihotang, 38, from Fontana.

They were arrested and booked on suspicion of dependent adult abuse.

Despite the victims being unable to communicate, police said evidence supported allegations against the caregivers.

Surveillance footage was released showing what police said was abuse against the patients.

Anyone who believes they know others who may have been abused were urged to call the Rancho Cucamonga Police Department at (909)-477-2800.

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