Car Stolen With Children Inside at Liquor Store

Two children were sleeping inside the vehicle when their mother entered the store

A vehicle with two children inside was stolen at a store parking lot late Sunday in San Bernardino. 

The mother told police she entered a liquor store in the 2000 block fo East Highland Avenue and left her sleeping children in the vehicle and saw the car thief backing up when she came back outside. The children were still buckled into the car seats in the rear of the vehicle.

"When I came out of the store I saw the suspect in my vehicle," said Tatanisha Golden. "I jumped on the hood of the car to try to stop him. I lost grip as he swerved."

Golden landed on the pavement as the driver sped from the parking lot. 

A witness and the mother followed the driver and called 911 before the subject crashed. The children were not injured and returned to their mother.

Golden told police she only ran into the store for a minute and had her kids within her sight the whole time.

"She learned a valuable lesson," San Bernardino Lt. Richard Lawhead told The Associated Press. "You don't want to leave your kids alone, for any amount of time."

The driver was arrested on suspicion on kidnapping and carjacking. 

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